PVC Solid Door

High quality factory made solid single panel bhandari door

The unique & Eco friendly concept of ECHON industries limited has brough a new revolution in the field of PVC door industries with a result of deep Research & Development efforts and wide surveys of the market demand for cost effective, easy installation and maintenance free with its range of sophisticated stylish, high quality factory made solid single panel PVC door and architectural systems came at your required dimension.

BHANDARI DOORS are fabricated by using world class rigid PVC foam sheets manufactured by M/S. ECHON INDUSTRIES LIMITED with celluka process on latest state of the art European plant and machinery while keeping in mind the specific in consumer needs & expectation for international quality door.

Specification of solid PVC panel BHANDARI Door:

Providing and fixing of factory made 30mm thick rigid PVC panel door shutter made from M.S. Tubular frame size 19mm x 19mm for stiles 12mm x 12mm for the top and bottom rails and covered with heat moulded PVC ‘C’ channel 5mm thick and having width 75mm to form lock rail, bottom rail and top rail on either side. The inner panel are inserted with 5mm thick PVC sheet sealed solvent cement Adhesive to the stiles and rails with 5mm x 25mm PVC sheet Beading on either side.

Bhandari Door Solid panel PVC door as approved specification of CPWD, MED & PWD ECHON RIGID PVC FORM SHEET ART TESTED AS PER IS 4020 - 1994


FACBRICATION Factory made from 5mm rigid PVC sheet under strict quality control Made of 1mm PVC Hollow profiles, zero quality control
STYLES & RAILS ( i ) 60 X 25 X 5MM 60 X 30 X 5mm
(ii) All round reinforced welded M.S. square tubular frame, inside the stiles give dimensional stability
(iii) Joints with solvent cements are permanent
( i ) 60 X 25 X 1mm Hollow 60 X 30 X 1mm Hollow
(ii) Wooden strips, comers jointed with ‘L’Pieces
(iii) Screw joints - Weak
PANEL 5mm solid thickness sheet single panel 1mm Hollow profile with 20mm in size multy panel or single panel.
BRITTLENESS The panel is made of single 5mm sheet and its shatter proof and non brittle. PVC profiles are hollow in nature and 85% of shutter area is only 1mm in thickness, when banged they crack, and in due course of time they become brittle.
SCREW HOLDING Echon PVC sheet offers excellent screw holding capacity, both of face and on edge, enough space for fitting fixture, due to M.S. square tubular frame Product has poor screw holding capacity, it require wooden fillers on which the screw are tightened.
PRONENESS TO DAMAGE No warp age since solid Prone to damages as it is hollow.
DIMENSIONAL STABILITY Silky and rigid, dimensionally stable, smoothness in operation welded and fused joints – No sagging. The tongue and grove arrangements due to load factor, tend to slide and door shutters develops diagonal sliding thus hindering operation screw joints may sag after some time.

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